Curing Asthma with Albuterol

Asthma is a widespread disease involving the inflammation in the airways leading to your lungs. The result is tremendous difficulty in breathing which can lead to a limitation in physical activities and chronic breathing problems. Unfortunately, almost one in every twelve children suffer from asthma. Under normal conditions, when you breathe, the inhaled air enters your body through the nose, passes through the throat into the air duct and enters the lungs. Within the lungs, the alveoli help in delivering the oxygen in the air to your circulating blood. When you have asthma, the lining of the airway will swell, tightening the muscles around the duct. Mucous will gradually fill the bronchus and will allow little air to pass through.

Asthma attacks can be dangerous

Asthma attacks result from the complete blockage of the air passage to the lungs which ultimately prevents the entry of oxygen into the lungs. The sufferer will be unable to breathe at all and start to choke. Such attacks can be fatal. During such points, you have to take the help of inhalers that immediately clear away the passage blockage allowing the instant entry of oxygen. If you ask that what will exactly cause the condition, the answer is anything. Dust particles can enter and block the way. Similarly, extreme coughing sometimes leads to accumulation of mucus in the passageway leading to the attack. You should buy the inhalers from RXShopMD to survive the attacks.

Using the dilators

The Proventil is a type of albuterol sulfate which acts as a bronchodilator. When you suffer from acute episodes of the spasms in the bronchus, you need serious treatment. The regular dosage for children above four years of age and adults will be a couple of repeated inhalations at intervals of four to six hours. Inhalation at a more frequent rate won’t cause any betterment. Instead, it can have side effects. Each actuation of the Proventil will deliver an average quantity of 108 mcg of the active component. Priming the inhaler is a must before you use it for the first time.

Important facts

The generic name of Proventil is Albuterol which is the name that you will find on the packages. If you have regular attacks, the first advice will be to keep the inhaler handy all the times. Your prescription should be ready before your inhaler runs out of the medicines. If you begin to see the medication more, you should consult the doctors for it can imply a severe turn of the disease. Do not expose the Albuterol to direct heat as there will be a high chance of the canister to burst. Don’t even keep the inhaler inside the car during the summer season.

Some precautions

Always let your doctor know if you have any disorder in the cardiac rhythm as it will alter the dosage or prescription. If you suffer from epilepsy, don’t start using the inhaler by deciding on your own. Discussion with the doctor is a must. Even an overactive thyroid gland can be problematic for the inhalation of the drug. Inform the doctor if you have diabetes.

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