Home DNA Testing and the Benefits

Have you ever wondered about your ancestry? Do you want to know more about your health background or are you searching for some missing branches in your family tree?

Now more than ever people want to “get back to their roots”. It’s becoming more important for people to know where they came from and what gives them the features they have. Home DNA testing is a great starting point to getting to know more about yourself and your family.

Home DNA tests can be purchased in stores or online. Prices vary greatly from simple DNA test kits to those that show genetic health markers or carrier risks.

The market is flooded with home DNA test kits, so how do you choose the best one?

Read Reviews. A lot of reviews. Don’t choose the cheapest product on the shelf because it’s cheap, and don’t put all your stock in the most expensive one. Any company can market themselves as the best. You are investing in yourself here. You want to make sure you are going to receive accurate and reliable results. Go somewhere other than the product website to find reviews, as they typically post the best comments. Check consumer reports, blogs and forums, and do general web searches to confirm the kit you want is giving other people good results.

Review the services offered. If you only want to test paternity, you certainly don’t need a $200 kit that will assess why your nose is pointy instead of round. There are kits that cost under $20 that will confirm or deny paternity and have an amazing reputation with great consumer reviews.

What is the privacy policy? When submitting something like your genetic makeup offsite to some company, you want to make sure they will keep that information safe. What systems do they have in place to protect your data? How are results delivered? How is your sample stored? All these questions are important to protect your identity and peace of mind.

Why choose a home DNA testing kit over one performed at a medical office? That varies from person to person. With advancements in technology shrinking the cost of doing tests at home, it’s becoming much more attainable for regular people.

The range of services available is growing too. With genetic testing reaching all the way into markers for disease, the reasons for not taking part are shrinking. Couples that are beginning their family planning but concerned about passing along negative mutations can get answers to those questions before conceiving. People experiencing digestive issues can discover food allergies through genetic testing. Specific intolerance related to lactose and gluten can be tested for.

Home DNA testing is a great way to discover your history and that of your family. Kits are available at any price point. Tests can help trace genealogy, pinpoint disease markers, or simply confirm paternity. They are perfect for people who want fast and effective answers to where they come from and where they may be going.

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