Socket Grafts and Bridges

Sometimes it is necessary for people to remove their teeth or even the whole dentition. Replacing the missing teeth with dental prostheses, often referred to as dentures, or with dental implants with prostheses is then necessary. Teeth extraction requires a period of healing gums with variable duration. It’s usually between 6 and eight weeks. It may also extend up to 6 months, though. But what happens after the teeth are extracted? Can we eat, talk or smile? If we are without teeth or denture? Is it possible to replace missing teeth during the gums healing period? Can I wear a toothpaste?

Replacing Teeth: a Planned and Organized Process

Many or all teeth extraction is an intervention not to be taken lightly. In particular, it requires two skilled dental health professionals to plan and organize. The dentist who assessed in the past that removal of teeth is far better than works as per well-managed process with your dentist. First, the dentist at Brigham and Brigham Dental takes your current dentition fingerprints. He does it before the teeth are extracted. His work’s precision, as well as all his expertise, contribute to ensuring the immediate dental prosthesis is produced quickly and efficiently.

It reproduces your present teeth exactly, or even if it suits you better, it can make some minor improvements. So you have the chance to improve your smile already! It is the dentist who subsequently performs the necessary tooth extraction. The installation of the transitional dental prosthesis comes immediately afterward. So you go home replacing your teeth with a prosthesis, ready to resume all your activities soon as if nothing had happened. The dentist will provide an immediate adjustment to the denture the next day to eliminate any pain you may experience. This is often necessary due to the gum thaw and sensitivity return.

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