What Are The Benefits Of The Yoga For Seniors That Glo Brings To The Table?

Glo is an online meditation and yoga platform which features a large number of courses that include professionally filmed yoga, meditation as well as lecture classes. The company was founded by Derick and Ryan Mills and is based in Santa Monica, California. The company aims to make yoga more accessible for as many people as possible, and to empower them to engage with yoga.

While many see yoga as a young person’s game, in reality it is the kind of exercise that can be practiced and enjoyed by people of all ages. Starting to practice yoga as an older adult can sound like an intimidating task, and this is especially true if you are out of shape, but yoga is safe for older practitioners, and can have immense benefits to your overall health. While you might have to modify the poses at first until you get the hang of it, you can still take advantage of all the befits that come with practicing yoga. And yoga for seniors has a lot of benefits:

  1.  Better bone health – Decrease of bone density is a big concern among aging people. Yoga is safe to practice for people who have osteoporosis, and research showed that it improves bone density in those who suffer from it, or from those who suffered from bone loss.
  2. Better flexibility – The gentle stretching that is required for yoga poses can be of great help when it comes to improving flexibility. Older adults, when practicing yoga, can choose the poses that target certain parts of their bodies in order to stretch tight muscles.
  3. Keep your mind sharp – As we age, changes in the brain occur, and it becomes harder for some people to concentrate and multitask. The right kind of meditation, yoga for seniors can help stimulate the brain as well as the nervous system in order to improve memory and concentration. Meditation also helps calming the mind and if practiced regularly can help keep distracting thoughts at bay.
  4. Better Core Balance – The core is the group of muscles located in the back and abdomen which regulate the sense of balance. Having a strong core can help older folks regain balance faster if they trip, and they are less likely to fall.
  5. Keep the pain under control – According to studies, yoga is effective when it comes to treating certain forms of chronic pain, such as stiffness and pain from arthritis. Yoga can help reduce the pain overall, and certain poses can ease pains in different parts of the body (e.g. Bound Angle pose can help with hip pain, while Cobra helps ease back pain)
  6. Can help with cardiovascular disease – After the first yoga class, the blood pressure tends to be lower, and once people develop a regular practice, the blood pressure remains at a lower level in between classes. Yoga for seniors is also ideal for those who had heart surgery, as it can help with feelings of stress or anxiety.
  7. Better mood – Yoga has proven to be a mood-booster, as certain poses are shown to increase moods in those who suffer from depression. Practicing meditation, pranayama and asana can contribute to the overall mood, give you more energy, and decrease anxiety.

An ideal course of yoga for seniors (and younger folks as well) that Glo has to offer is the “Prime of Life” course. The course will tech you step-by-step yoga poses, sequences, and modifications. It is ideal for learning everything you need in order to learn the fundamental yoga practice, and it allows you to set your own pace. It is a powerful way to help you achieve a balance of mind and body through safe poses designed for all levels of ability.

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