What Causes Crowded Teeth And How To Treat It

Maintaining your dental hygiene isn’t only for the aesthetic purpose of it. However, it can be understandable why many people who go to their preferred dental clinic stress over things such as crowded teeth. Contrary to what many may believe, it actually has health issues as well.

Those that find it unpleasing to look at teeth that are too close together are justified because of how these teeth can sometimes end up giving the person a crooked smile. An abnormal bite can also affect how a person consumes their food and beverages.

Below are the causes of crowded teeth and how you can treat it.


Because you can inherit your bone structure from your parents, it’s not outside the realm of possibility for you to inherit their jaw structure as well. If either of your parents has crowded teeth, then you will most likely have a reason why you have crowded teeth yourself.

If neither of your parents has crowded teeth, it can also be assumed that the formation of their bone structure, if meshed together, can produce someone who will have crowded teeth. This reason is outside of your control, but you can always address it as will be discussed later on in this article.

Undersized Jaw

If your upper or lower jaw is smaller than the other half, then you are going to have crowded teeth. This is due to the lack of space that your teeth will be provided. They will be mashed together to fit into the gums which can cause some teeth to move outwards more than usual.

An undersized jaw also presents you with the issue of not being able to brush as easily because you might have teeth in areas where they normally aren’t. In the more minor cases, these are addressed by wearing braces. However, there are those that have to undergo surgery as well.

Excess Teeth

The number of teeth that a person has may go over the usual number. If you are under this category, you can expect some teeth to give you a skewed smile. Excess teeth can easily be addressed as soon as it’s finished growing. The misalignment that occurs, however, may be the bigger issue.


If you have a tumor in your mouth, the development of your teeth may be affected. Your jaw shape might also be temporarily affected which has a permanent effect to any teeth that you have which are in the area of the tumor. Tumors are on a case by case basis.


If you are looking for a general treatment for crowded teeth, then you simply have to go to a dental clinic. They will take a look at your face or jaw structure. This will give them an idea if you can get a facial or jaw reconstruction to correct the crowded teeth.

Preventing crowded teeth from being an issue can also be done through orthodontic treatment such as braces. There are appliances that you can use to ensure that the alignment fit better for your mouth.

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